Friday, 13 April 2012

Transforming any container into a plant pot.

If you want to grow plants and have limited outdoor space, all you have to do is transform anything around you into a plant pot, the possibilities are endless: from indoor gardening, to window boxes, hanging baskets, balconies, front doors, roof gardens and beyond.
All you need to do is:
  • Find anything that can hold soil,
  • Poke or drill holes at the bottom for drainage,
  • Add in the following order 1) gravel or crockery at the bottom, 2) compost, 3) A plant.
  • Water well and watch it grow .

1. From February to April, start your plants indoors and place them in a sunny window.
Picture No 1: recycled cans of beans, hand painted in white, featuring young chilli plants.
2. By March-April, the plants can go outside.
This are lettuces in a hand made wooden box outside my front door.
3. Old shoes make excellent flower pots.
By summer you'll have a busting garden, this is how our front-door looks like in summer.
Old construction pallets were transformed into planting boxes, we put them outside our front door together with all sorts of containers, and in 5X1mts space, we've been happily growing potatoes, lettuce, radish, carrots, pumpkins, chillies, herbs and lots of flowers.
Is not rubbish, is a plant pot!
Old computers (right) make excellent planting pots, they come with depth, drainage and cool designs.
1st you need to take all the guts out, you'll be surprised at how many interesting things are in there.
Turn the empty box with the screen facing upwards, bingo! you have an 80's neo-vintage pot, cool isn't? Too much drainage on the sides can be a problem if indoors: add some lining on the sides, I used recycled compost bags on this one, just leaving drainage at the bottom.
Credits: The plastic bottle and helmet pictures were taken in Luang Prabang Laos, and the TV was my boyfriend's job.Many thanks to Geraldine Holland for first bringing and planting chilli seed into our home, and to my boyfriend Chui for his love, carpentry abilities, creativity, support, and smiles.


  1. Ah Rosa I love your blog! I grew 28 tomato plants last summer, starting on a ting sunny window cill, they took over and it became like a jungle. then i put them outside, I didn't get many red tomatoes,.. and had loads of green ones - thats how I learnt about green tomato chutney - and I made loads of it... I could send you the recipe! You have reminded me how much I enjoyed looking after those tomatoes :) Nina

  2. Go Nina tomato power! last year my tomatoes didn't do very well, but I don't get much sunshine in the alley, so this year I'll take over the neighbours roof with tomatoes and chilli plants, as they need sunshine to stay red and juicy :)